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Welcome to Our Quality Review Services

It is essential that the drawings and specifications are coordinated, if not, the project may experience many construction problems and schedule delays. Quality Assurance and Quality Control reviews are part of our basic services if hired for an entire project. Our firm can also be hired to review your plans at any time during your project or be hired to offer a second opinion review of work done by others. HTL Design Architects offers the following types of plan review services:

Quality Assurance Reviews —

  • Review construction documents at project milestones (50%, 90%)
  • Review within the project manual
  • Review within the drawings of each separate discipline
  • Review between the drawings of separate disciplines
  • Review within the specifications of each separate discipline
  • Review between the specifications of separate disciplines
  • Review between the project manual and drawings

Quality Control Reviews —

  • Systematic review of plans and specifications
  • Verify consistency of schedules, lists and tables
  • Verify drawings standards are followed
  • Verify corrections of previously noted inconsistencies and errors
  • Verify completion of construction documents
  • Review project manual table of contents and drawing sheet index

Code Reviews —

  • Building code reviews
  • ADA accesibility reviews
  • Life safety reviews

Third Party Review Services —

  • Need a new perspective on your project? Sometimes a third party can notice things that others may overlook or gloss over. Let us offer a fresh review of your project.

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