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Welcome to Our Tenant Improvement Services

In addition to designing tenant construction plans, HTL Design Architects offers a full range of tenant services such as design marketing materials, establish building standards, and tenant coordination for the building.

Design Marketing Materials —

  • Build models, prepare renderings, coordinate brochures, prepare standard finishes, or other promotional material
  • Assist in designing marketing strategies for various tenant types (commercial, retail, office, residential)
  • Assist in presentations to potential tenants, leasing agents, brokers for target markets
  • Assist individual prospective tenants in marketing and securing financing through space plans and cost estimates

Establish Building Standards —

  • Recommend building common area standard finishes within budget constraints
  • Establish master design policy for tenant improvement control
  • Establish standards for tenant finishes and tenant allowances
  • Establish standard format for drawings for use by tenants and their architects
  • Determine construction procedures during construction and special conditions
  • Review tenant's plans for compliance with building standards

Tenant Coordination —

  • Square footage measurements
  • Suite numbering
  • Inventory control of owner purchased tenant improvement items
  • Unit pricing of tenant allowance items
  • Outside designer/consultant coordination

Tenant Design Services —

  • Provide full tenant design including planning, design, bidding & negotiation, construction administration for tenants moving into the building.
  • Design customized plans for your new space prior to moving in

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